Last summer I found myself needing some reconnection with my feminine side: after 2 births and a lifestyle change, taking care of myself seemed to have fallen back on my priority list.

I started using this blend every day for about 2 weeks . Funnily enough it reminded me of a scent my mother was using for quite some time in my childhood.

First sign that it works on some level (physical) was that my menstruation ( which was due and started a couple of days after), didn't hurt like it normally would. I was very pleased with this discovery and decided to keep using it. I also planned to wait some months and see if the change is permanent. Now after 6 months I can say that the pain never returned since then, so the effect was more profound than the usual analgesyc pills people are fed in these conditions.

Secondly I started feeling a sense of fullness and maturity, which probably led to this the next event.

The food I cooked started tasting GOOD. Before this time, there was more of a trial and error sort of thing and even if the food was good I very rarely liked it. Just like that, the turning point happened and all the past errors seemed to have given labour to a complete picture of how every ingredient should be used and to the certainty that I know when the taste is appropriate.

I am convinced that WOMAN NO. 1 boosted this process that was already happening in my life.

I also know that sometimes we miss oportunities like this, because we lack the appropriate inspiration.

Let your intuition choose a Bewit blend and just ride with it.

WOMAN No. 1 can teach you about that motherly instinct that lets you take care of everyone you need to take care of, which in turn will make you more beautiful and abundant.