The name of this important aroma in Ancient times Thymus (Thyme) is derived from the Greek word "Thymon" - to fumigate, from the "Thumon" - couraje or Thymos - soul.

I can't help but see the link between Thymus the plant and Thymus "the immunity gland" that "mysteriously" dissapears as we get old. It is said to exist only during childhood after which it just deteriorates into fat. Can this Soul gland be the clock of our life ticking away our t(h)yme?

Just now after 100 years of modern medicine and utter darkness, people are starting to study the link between pro-oxidative intoxication (pollution) and thymus' degeneration and to test the thymus recovery after anti-oxidants cures.

What polluants are there? Heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, drugs, meat, alcool, cigarettes - they all contribute to oxidative stress! And on top of all these, the vaccines which contain alluminium and are being administered to almost all babies in the world.

And Oxidants? Essential Oils! Superfoods!

But also a diet of raw, fresh vegetables and nuts prepared with as little processing as possible.

Can Thyme be the plant that heals the Soul?

Well, that's what ancient greeks thought!